• Precise Truss Assembly
  • Texture-sensitive skin
  • Swarm Wall
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • Autonomous Food Production
  • Droplets
  • Shape-changing materials
  • Intelligent cloth
  • Honeycomb platform
  • Robotics education
  • Amorphous facade
  • Precise truss assembly
  • endoexo
Precise Truss Assembly1 Texture-sensitive skin2 Swarm Wall3 Robot Motion Planning4 Autonomous Food Production5 Droplets6 Shape-changing materials7 Intelligent cloth8 Honeycomb platform9 Robotics education10 Amorphous facade11 Precise truss assembly12 endoexo13
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Our research focuses on practical robot applications that target grand challenges such as sustainable food production and exploration of space. We are also thinking about materials that future robots will be made off. We believe that such materials will deeply embed sensing, actuation, computation and communication in order to adapt their physical properties to changing requirements. Our teaching focuses on creating a new breed of robotic systems engineers, an interdisciplinary approach to model and design large-scale distributed systems, and to attract students to engineering and computer science.The  lab was founded in August 2009. Before this, Nikolaus was a Post-Doc with Daniela RusDistributed Robotics Laboratory at MIT, a PhD student with Alcherio Martinoli‘s Distributed Intelligent Systems and Algorithms Laboratory at EPFL, and a research assistant at the Collective Robotics Group, Caltech.


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