Our group meets once a week to discuss papers of common interest and to receive feedback on one’s work. The journal club is open to everyone. Please contact Andy McEvoy if you would like to join the mailing list.

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Morphing Skins
C. Thill, J. Etches, I. Bond, K. Potter, P. Weaver

Presenter: A. McEvoy

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Robotic Leaf Probing Via Segmentation of Range Data Into Surface Patches
G. Aleny, B. Dellen, S. Foix, C. Torras

Presenter: D. Coleman

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Multidimensional Analysis Data Association to Track Features
M. Pryor

Presenter: Mikael Pryor

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Visual Odometry [Tutorial]
D. Scaramuzza

Presenter: Jaeheon Jeong

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Gesture Recognition: A Survey
F. Bellas

Presenter: Charles Dietrich



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