Principal Investigator

Nikolaus Correll
PhD in Computer Science EPFL 2007
MS in Electrical Engineering ETH2003Asst. Professor in Computer Science
Asst. Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (by courtesy)
Asst. Professor in Aerospace Engineering Sciences (by courtesy)
Affiliate, Material Science Engineering program


 picture-145-1354125858 Timothy Caldwell
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University 2013
BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, CU Boulder, 2009

PhD Students

  Dave Coleman
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
MS in Computer Science, CU Boulder, 2013
Research interests: robotic manipulation, grasping, controls, and perception
 farrow Nicholas Farrow
BA in Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2012
BA in Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2012
Minor in Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2012
PharmD, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, 2006
  Anshul Kanakia
BS in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010
Research interests: Design and Application of Swarm Robot Algorithms
  John Klingner
BA in Computer Science, Cornell College, 2012
BA in Physics, Cornell College, 2012
BA in Mathematics, Cornell College, 2012
Erik Komendera
BSE in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, 2007
Research interests: Biologically-inspired robotics, nonlinear dynamics, machine learning, robotic assembly.
Andy McEvoy Andy McEvoy
MS in Aerospace Engineering, Spacecraft Dynamics & Controls, Texas A&M University, 2005
BS in Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2004
Research Interests: Robotic Construction and Assembly
Halley Profita
MS in Industrial Design, Georgia Tech, 2011.
BSBA in Management Science, University of Miami, 2008
Research Interests: Wearable and Embedded Assistive Technology, E-Textiles, Novel Sensing
 Rowan Wing Rowan Wing
MS in Education, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2006
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, St. John’s College, 1999
Research Interests: Machine learning, cognitive modeling, and applications to education
  Heather Hava
  Dana Hughes
  Jaeheon Jeong


Ariel Hoffman, DLA/NSF REU
Xing Jie Zhong, DLA/NSF REU


Naren Dasan. Fairview Highschool



Dustin Reishus, now at Google

Phd Students

Charles Dietrich

Dr. Michael Otte, CS, Fall 2011, PhD Thesis: “Any-Com Multi-Robot Path Planning”, now Post-Doc with Emilio Frazzoli at the ARES Lab, MIT.

Andrew Kessel

Master’s Students

Patrick Cromer

Vijeth Rai, Fall 2011, ECE, MS Thesis: “Self Assembly of Modular Robots with Finite Number of Modules Using Graph Grammars”, PhD student at the University of Washington.


Samuel Beckett, CS, Summer 2013, NSF DREU working on self-assembly algorithms.

Michael Beam, ME, Spring 2013, NSF REU working on the self-organizing amorphous facade.

Britta Ulm, ME, Spring 2013, NSF REU working on soft robotics, now graduate student at CMU.

Christopher Johnson, ECE, Spring 2013, NSF REU on the Self-Organizing Amorphous Facade and Goldshirt Electronics.

Henry Horsey, ME, Olin College, Summer 2012, UROP project on designing elements of the Self-Organizing Amorphous Facade.

Daniel Sutton, CS, Spring 2012, Senior Thesis: “Object Interaction Language (OIL): An intent-based language for programming self-organized sensor/actuator networks“.

Karamjeet Khalsa, CS, Spring 2011, Senior Thesis: “Realistic Simulation of Spatial Computers and Robot Swarms”.

Brian McDonald, CS, Spring 2010, UROP project on low-level drivers for the CLAM manipulating arm, now MSE student in CU’s ECE program.


Eliza Cornell, Boulder Highschool, Summer 2013, Soft robotics.

Prof. Ken Sugawara, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan, 2011-2012


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