Principal Investigator

Nikolaus Correll
PhD in Computer Science EPFL 2007
MS in Electrical Engineering ETH 2003

Assoc. Professor in Computer Science
Assoc. Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering (by courtesy)
Assoc. Professor in Aerospace Engineering Sciences (by courtesy)
Affiliate, Material Science Engineering program

 PhD Students

Sarah Aguasvivas


MS in Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University, 2017
BS in Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University, 2015

Sponsor: TA

  Heather Hava
  Khoi Ly
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University
Sponsor: NSF CPS

 James Watson

James Watson
MS in Mechatronics, University of Utah, 2018


BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006

Sponsor: Robotic Materials Inc. 

Masters students

Jatin Mayekar  






Dr. Timothy Caldwell, then at Zoox.

Dr. Dustin Reishus, then at Google.

Phd Students (graduated)

Dr. Radhen Patel, CS, Summer 2019,  then at MIT. 

Dr. Yang Li, CS, Spring 2019, then at Waymo. 

Dr. John Klingner, CS, Fall 2018, PhD Thesis: “Distributed and Decentralized Algorithms for Functional Programmable Matter“, then at Canvas Technologies.

Dr. Dana Hughes, CS, Spring 2018, PhD Thesis: “In-material Processing of High Bandwidth Sensor Measurements using Modular Neural Networks“, then at Carnegie Mellon University. 

Dr. Andy McEvoy, CS, Spring 2017, PhD Thesis: “Shape-changing robotic materials using variable stiffness elements and distributed control“, then at MDA Systems.

Dr. Halley Profita, CS, Spring 2017, PhD Thesis: “Designing Wearable Assistive Computing Devices to Support Social Acceptability and Personal Expression” (co-advised with Prof. Shaun Kane), then at Apple. 

Dr. David Coleman, CS, Fall 2016, PhD Thesis: “Methods for Improving Motion Planning Using Experience“, then founder at PickNik LLC.

Dr. Anshul Kanakia, CS, Fall 2015, PhD Thesis: “Optimal Task-Assignment in Multi-Agent Systems“, then at Microsoft Research.

Dr. Erik Komendera, CS, Fall 2014, PhD Thesis: “Precise Assembly of Truss Structures by Distributed Robots“, then scientist at NASA Langley research center, now Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Jaeheon Jeong, CS, Spring 2014, PhD Thesis: “A divide-and-conquer approach for Visual Odometry with minimally-overlapped multi-camera setup” (previous advisor Prof. Jane Mulligan).

Dr. Michael Otte, CS, Fall 2011, PhD Thesis: “Any-Com Multi-Robot Path Planning“, tehn Post-Doc at MIT, now Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland (Aerospace Engineering)

Master’s Students (graduated)

Mohammad Hashemi, Spring 2018, CS, MS Thesis: “TeleSense: A Teleoperation System by Using Embedded Proximity Sensors and Leap Motion”, now PhD student at CU. 

Rebecca Cox, Spring 2017, ECE, MS Thesis: “Multimodal Perception using Embedded Proximity and Force Sensors for Robotic Grasping”, now at Sandia National Labs.

John Lammie, Spring 2017, CS, MS Thesis: “Gesture recognition in robotic skin with pressure and proximity information”, Sandia National Labs. 

Jorge Canardo-Alasteuy, Fall 2016, ECE, MS Thesis: “An exploration of low-cost tactile sensing in robotic manipulation”, now at Canvas systems.

Daniel Zukowski, Spring 2016, CS, MS Thesis: “A mobile and cloud­based framework for plant stress detection from crowdsourced visual and infrared imagery“, now at Archetought.

Rowan Wing, Spring 2014, now at Return Path.

Akshay Mysore, Spring 2014, ECE, MS Thesis: “Spatio-temporal gesture recognition on a distributed sensing system”, now at Continental.

Ayman Omar Hammuda, CS, MS Thesis: “Face detection using single cascade of customized features discriminators” (previous advisor Prof. Jane Mulligan). 

Vijeth Rai, Fall 2011, ECE, MS Thesis: “Self Assembly of Modular Robots with Finite Number of Modules Using Graph Grammars”, PhD student at the University of Washington.


Sumeet Batra, Simulating chemical equations using swarm robotics, now PhD student at USC

Joseph Vasse (University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte), final thesis on “Tetris on Programmable Matter”, Spring 2018. 

Jean Dinet (University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte), final thesis on “Tetris on Programmable Matter”, Spring 2018. 

Branden Romero (Spring 2017), senior thesis on machine learning for robotic grasping, now PhD student at MIT. 

Florian Pescher (Supelec Metz), working on Droplets, now PhD student at FEMTO-ST, CNRS, France

Lauren McIntire (AE), DLA working on smart textiles

Regina Jingwen Luo (ECE), DLA working on coordinated sound generation with the Droplets

Audrey Randall (CS), NSF REU, working on simulating chemistry with robotic swarms

Cory Morales (CS), NSF REU, working on 3D modeling

Sarah Radzihovsky (Stanford University), NSF REU working on wearable gesture interfaces

Virginia Schilling, CS, Spring 2015, DLA/NSF REU working on wearables’ manufacturing

Blake Reimer, Physics, Spring 2015, NSF REU working on fishing-line actuators.

Parker Evans, ECE, Spring 2015, NSF REU working on variable stiffness materials.

Andrew Gordon, CS, 2015, DLA/NSF REU working on programming large-scale distributed systems.

Xing Jie Zhong, ECE, 2014, DLA/NSF REU working on liquid metal sensors

Ariel Hoffman, ECE, 2014, DLA/NSF REU working on soft robotics

Samuel Beckett, CS, Summer 2013, NSF DREU working on self-assembly algorithms.

Michael Beam, ME, Spring 2013, NSF REU working on the self-organizing amorphous facade.

Britta Ulm, ME, Spring 2013, NSF REU working on soft robotics, now graduate student at CMU.

Christopher Johnson, ECE, Spring 2013, NSF REU on the Self-Organizing Amorphous Facade and Goldshirt Electronics.

Henry Horsey, ME, Olin College, Summer 2012, UROP project on designing elements of the Self-Organizing Amorphous Facade.

Daniel Sutton, CS, Spring 2012, Senior Thesis: “Object Interaction Language (OIL): An intent-based language for programming self-organized sensor/actuator networks“.

Karamjeet Khalsa, CS, Spring 2011, Senior Thesis: “Realistic Simulation of Spatial Computers and Robot Swarms”.

Brian McDonald, CS, Spring 2010, UROP project on low-level drivers for the CLAM manipulating arm, now MSE student in CU’s ECE program.

Highschool Interns

Eliza Cornell, Summer 2013, Boulder Highschool, then at Stanford University

Naren Dasan, Summer 2013/Fall 2013, Fairview Highschool, then at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign


Sameer Parekh, Entrepreneur in Residence, 2014

Prof. Marcelo Kallmann, University of California at Merced, 2015

Prof. Ken Sugawara, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan, 2011-2012


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