Advanced Robotics

Note: The Fall 2015 iteration of “Advanced Robotics” is only offered as an independent study group. You will need to sign up for a CSCI/ECE/AES independent study for up to 3 credits.

The goal of this class is to provide you a system-level understanding of modern autonomous robotic systems, including hardware, electronics, and software. This class is a project-based course in which you will work with other students toward a common goal. In Fall 2015, we will construct an autonomous all-terrain outdoor platform based on the Jaguar platformOccamRobotics omni-directional vision sensor, and the GPU-enabled embedded computing platform Tegra K1 by Nvidia with the ultimate goal of autonomous outdoor navigation. All software components will inter-operate using the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Prerequisites: good command of the Linux operating system, programming in C++ and/or Python, computer with Ubuntu 14.04

Meetings: Thursday, 5pm in ECCS 1B21

Grading: Class participation, deliverables, peer-evaluation



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