CSCI 3302 “Introduction to Robotics”

The overarching learning goal of this class is to create an appreciation for the tight interplay between mechanism, sensor, and control in the design of intelligent systems. This includes (1) formally describing the forward and inverse kinematics of a mechanism, (2) understanding the sources of uncertainty in sensing and actuation as well as to describe them mathematically, (3) how to discretize the robot’s state and reason about it algorithmically, and (4) experiencing 1-3 on a real robotic platform.

After using a variety of hardware platforms, this iteration of the class will again use the “Webots” simulator, an open-source robotic simultor, allowing students to implement simple odometry, Markov localization and simple planning for object retrieval tasks.

The distributed robotic garden in MIT Technology review.Advanced Robotics 2011The "Ratslife" environmentPrairieDog with a CrustCrawler manipulating arm


This class consists of a lecture and a laboratory component, both of which online via Zoom (lectures), Canvas (assignments) and Piazza (questions & answeres).

Meetings are Tuesday 3:55-5:10pm in and labs are on Wednesday from 1:50-3:30pm and from 4:10-5:50pm.


See information on Canvas.

Office Hours

See information on Piazza.


We will be using my free, open-source textbook “Introduction to Autonomous Robotics”, which can be downloaded on Github or purchased from Amazon.

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