Phd Students

Dr. Michael Otte, CS, Fall 2011, PhD Thesis: “Any-Com Multi-Robot Path Planning”, now Post-Doc with Emilio Frazzoli at the ARES Lab, MIT

Master’s Students

Vijeth Rai, Fall 2011, ECE, MS Thesis: “Self Assembly of Modular Robots with Finite Number of Modules Using Graph Grammars”, now researcher at the Center for Bionic Medicine at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and on his way to a PhD at Virgina Tech.


Henry Horsey, ME, Olin College, Summer 2012, UROP project on designing elements of the Self-Organizing Amorphous Facade.

Daniel Sutton, CS, Spring 2012, Senior Thesis: “Object Interaction Language (OIL): An intent-based language for programming self-organized sensor/actuator networks“.

Karamjeet Khalsa, CS, Spring 2011, Senior Thesis: “Realistic Simulation of Spatial Computers and Robot Swarms”.

Brian McDonald, CS, Spring 2010, UROP project on low-level drivers for the CLAM manipulating arm, now MSE student in CU’s ECE program.


Prof. Ken Sugawara, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan, 2011-2012


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