Advanced Robotics 2010-2011


The Class

Professor Nikolaus Correll continues to offer this hands-on projects course as part of the Andrews Robotics Initiative.

This is an invaluable opportunity to work directly in Robotics research, get upper-division credit and do some really cool stuff. This course introduces students to advanced concepts, principles, and algorithms in robotics and embedded systems. This is a project course framed as addressing a grand challenge. Solving the grand challenge requires designing and programming robots or embedded systems that interact effectively and autonomously with the real world. Students will learn about the state of the art in robotics and integrate and put to use theoretical knowledge from this course or earlier in the curriculum at CU Boulder
Professor Scott Douglass, Engineering Honors Program Faculty in Residence.

Spring 2011 was the second iteration of this class in which students worked together toward the grand challenge in robotics of “robots that assemble robots.” The goal of the Spring 2011 cohort was to increase the perception and manipulation capabilities of the robotic system developed in the first iteration of the class.

The Photos

The Results

Please see the course wiki for code, resources, and descriptions of each student’s contribution.